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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Call for Nominations 2012 First Choice Business Awards

Each year, Chesterfield County honors local companies that contribute to the county’s economy and its residents. The intent is to give recognition to businesses that consistently contribute to the community by giving back to the residents of Chesterfield County through community service, or create and deliver products or services that are innovative to its customers.  Other criteria include that a business is a leader in valuing its employees, and upholds the principles and standards of ethical business practices. Past winners have included ACAC Fitness & Wellness Center, Hoover & Strong, Priority Automotive, Iron Bridge Sports Park and Austin Brockenbrough & Associates.

On behalf of Chesterfield County, the Department of Economic Development, the Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce, and the Chesterfield Business Council are inviting nominations for the 2012 First Choice Business Awards. Companies may nominate themselves and/or be nominated by any individual or group within the community. Nominations must be submitted by April 13th 2012. All nominated companies will receive a formal application form to be completed by the nominee.

Winners will be chosen by a selection panel, which will consist of business leaders and county staff selected for their business and community knowledge. The selection panel will then interview businesses that meet the general eligibility criteria before final winners are chosen.

The winners will be recognized at Chesterfield County’s Celebrate Chesterfield Business! event.  The Board of Supervisors will also recognize this year’s First Choice Business Award winners at their July meeting. Celebrate Chesterfield Business! is the county’s annual business appreciation event. The Commonwealth of Virginia will celebrate “Business Appreciation Week” the week of June 4th, 2012.

Nominations may be submitted online at