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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Chesterfield Airport is an 'economic machine'

The Midlothian Exchange has posted an article written by Eric Millirons that describes the economic value of the Chesterfield County Airport to our community. Eric writes,
Cloistered behind a large stand of evergreen trees, off of State Route 10, just north of Route 288, the airport is one of Chesterfield’s truly hidden economic gems. It ranks fourth in the number of planes based at a Virginia airport. While state studies have shown that its economic impact is in the millions of dollars, there are more discernable factors that display its importance. Looking only at the personal property tax paid on the 130 or so planes based at Chesterfield, the result is over $400,000 for the county’s General Fund coffers. When this information is coupled with the employment generated by the county and Dominion Aviation employees, numbering in excess of 100 with over 90 percent of them being county residents, its worth to our economy becomes even more evident.
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