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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Historic Route 1 project launched in Chesterfield

Lt. Gov. BillBolling
The Richmond-Times Dispatch has posted an article about the Historic Route 1 project in Chesterfield. Times-Dispatch writer Wesley P. Hester reports on the first leg of an effort to transform U.S. 1 from a worn and weary highway into a 2,400-mile tourist attraction.

A crowd of about 50 gathered with umbrellas yesterday at the Half Way House Restaurant on U.S. 1 to celebrate the honor for U.S. 1, as well as the launch of a related website and improvements to Jefferson Davis Highway.

“In Virginia, tourism is big business,“ said Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling from the porch of the manor house restaurant, built in 1760. “Anything we can do to help share the Virginia story with the rest of the nation is a wonderful thing to do, and that’s exactly what this project is designed to do.“

The new web site is located at

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