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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Precision Recycling Sees Green in Glass

The Richmond-Times Dispatch has posted an article in the Business section about Precision Recycling Industries of Virginia. Times-Dispatch writer John Reid Blackwell reports on the interesting work happening at The Sustainability Park in eastern Chesterfield County .
Bill Richardson doesn't think of himself as an environmentalist so much as a "green entrepreneur."

"I like taking something that is thrown away and making it into a useful product, especially a product that replaces hazardous materials," he said.

Richardson's green venture is all about glass, as illustrated by the 25 tons of shattered glass piled at the bay doors of his company's plant in Chesterfield County. The broken bits of green, amber and clear glass are what is called "post-consumer" waste, including jars and the remnants of countless castaway beer bottles.

"What we are doing is taking glass that would go into landfills, diverting it from landfills and making 100 percent green products," he said.


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